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Organizational Definition and Re-architecture

Organizational problems arise due to some level of dysfunction within the operation of a group or team.  Sometimes these problems are simple and self-evident but often times they are highly complex and are the result of several factors both internal and external to the group.


Organizational problems, particularly re-architecture work, usually involves the need for a paradigm shift.   A "paradigm" is a Greek scientific term commonly used today to mean a model, theory, assumption or frame of reference.  In other words, it is the way we "see" the world -- not in terms of general sight, but in terms of perceiving, understanding, or interpreting.


A paradigm "shift", is a change in understanding brought by re-examination of our models, assumptions, and our frame of reference.  It means achieving significant change through breaking with tradition and old ways of thinking.


Therefore, to achieve this shift requires a transition from a current state to a desired state.  At Knowledge Architects, we extend the systems modeling approach we use in business and user analysis to consider additional dimensions that affect the organization such as culture and universal principles that relate to its field of work.  Having established the organization's current state, we use the model to approach the problem from different perspectives to derive the desired operating conditions.


Once this work is complete, we can help you strategically and tactically plan the transition to your newly defined operating environment.

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