Business and User Analysis

All good design begins with analysis, determining the current problem, understanding the desired result, and deciding upon the best course of action for meeting solution requirements while living within the constraints of the problem. 


At Knowledge Architects, we take a systematic approach to business analysis whether it is a business, organizational, informational, or educational problem to be solved.  We encourage clients to see time spent at the beginning of the project as an investment in its success.  A good grasp of the problem, its parameters, and  those who are involved (their users and possibly their partners and clients) means that develop will be on target and more efficiently meet your goals. 


Given most software-related projects are large, having a big picture view allows a phased approach to be taken that allows the software to grow and mature over time making it more cost effective and easier to learn and assimilate by those who are to use it.


We use a systems modeling approach that allows us to understand the operational aspects of an organization regardless of the industry it is in.  Since software and hardware systems underpin our solutions, viewing the organization as a system allows us to much more easily translate an organization's needs into a system that meets them.

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