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Course and Curriculum Design and Development

Training is a big part of our lives.  We take it formally from childhood through young adulthood.  But what about in adulthood especially related to the work we do? 


With the Internet, education has the opportunity for a greater outreach than ever before.  That benefit addresses the delivery aspect of training but what about the content?  How many times have you taken a course and found it irrelevant or maybe even incomprehensible?


At Knowledge Architects, we specialize in designing learning frameworks that adhere to cognition principles such as adult learning, readability, and usability theories.  These frameworks recognize the differences students bring to the learning environment such as differences in education, experience, and job role.  Our learning frameworks account for those differences and organize teaching around the skills people need to better understand and perform their work.


We develop for different instructional methods and mediums as well.  We have developed both instructor-led and self-paced training using print-based and online-based approaches.

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