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Technical Documentation Design and Development

As computer users, we are all users of technical documentation whether it is to install, configure and use the hardware or the software that runs on it.  Simple operations usually aren't a problem but the more complex ones are a different issue.  This can be particularly true with software documentation where the topic can be considerably more abstract. 


How many times have you needed to use software documentation and even the most fundamental operating paradigm is left unexplained?  The manual spends all its pages describing the software and not telling you how to use and apply it.  Given that its UI is properly designed and intuitive, this type of documentation offers little value to the user.


At Knowledge Architects, we take a process-centric approach to documentation that supports the application of the tool.  Where necessary, this documentation is augmented with rich reference information that allows more experienced users to easily find the detailed information they need.  We have successfully applied this approach to documentation that supports multiple industries and users. 


We have designed and developed documentation for engineers, marketers, customer support, and end users.  We are also well versed in many different publishing print-based and web-based tools including the Microsoft Office suite,  FrameMaker, Interleaf, ArborText (SGML), HTMLHelp, and HelpMaker (HTML).

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