About Us

Located in the beautiful Northwest in Portland, Oregon, Knowledge Architects, LLC has been supplying information-based solutions for over 20 years.  We have provided these solutions across a broad range of industries and to companies from small start ups to well-established Fortune 500 companies.  Our users run the gamut from end users, to internal personnel such as management, marketers, engineers, customer support, and IT administrators.


We enjoy looking at the bigger picture, taking a large, abstract or complex problem and solving it with a flexible solution.  We are also adept at smoke jumping, landing in the middle of a problematic situation and tactically solving it as quick as conditions allow.  We value design efficieny as well as elegance.  We relish creating modular designs that, if necessary, can be realized over a phased timeline while also envisioning of how these modules can be repurposed to help solve other problems in a quicker manner.


As our name implies, we specialize in analysis and the front end design, creating the blue print or plan necessary to realize the end result.  We also do the development depending upon the type of project.  For information and education-based projects we perform the work from beginning to end.  For graphical design and software programming projects we have partners in long standing that we team with to make sure everyones strengths are used to maximize your results.


We look forward to serving your business needs and designing and planning the best possible solution for your given situation.  So, check out our list of services and contact us to learn more and see a portfolio of our work.