We provide a variety of services to assist you with the development and support of your business. Our services are user-centric, we focus on you as our client but we also look beyond you to your customer. We understand that you are in business to meet their needs, so we work hard to understand the context of your customer and provide services aligned with them. Helping you better serve your customers creates a win for everyone.


What follows is a list of services we offer and a brief overview of what they entail. For more information about any of these services, please contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Business and User Analysis

All good design begins with analysis, determining the current problem, understanding the desired result, and deciding upon the best course of action for meeting solution requirements while living within the constraints of the problem. 


Organizational Definition and Re-architecture

Organizational problems arise due to some level of dysfunction within the operation of a group or team.  Sometimes these problems are simple and self-evident but often times they are highly complex and are the result of several factors both internal and external to the group.


Application and Database Design

The purpose of a software application is to make a user's work easier.  It is there to serve the user and not the other way around.  Often times applications are overly complex and can contain a large amount of functionality that many users may never take advantage of while critical functionality they do need is left wanting.


User Interface Design

Like its close sibling the software application, a user interface (UI) must be an advocate for users and not their adversary.  Even if the application meets their every need, a poor user interface can make it virtually unusable.  This problem is complicated further by the global nature of business as oft times users all over the world must find a UI easy to use regardless of their language or cultural background.


Web Site Design and Development

Even more than software applications, web sites seem to permeate our lives.  We use Internet web sites for shopping and researching special interests, intranets for communicating with our business colleagues, and extranets for working with our external business partners. 


Course and Curriculum Design and Development

Training is a big part of our lives.  We take it formally from childhood through young adulthood.  But what about in adulthood especially related to the work we do? 


Technical Documentation Design and Development

As computer users, we are all users of technical documentation whether it is to install, configure and use the hardware or the software that runs on it.  Simple operations usually aren't a problem but the more complex ones are a different issue.  This can be particularly true with software documentation where the topic can be considerably more abstract. 


Program and Project Management

All the aforementioned designs, whether it is a business process, application or system, a course, a curriculum, or documentation, all are born out of a program or project that needs to be defined, managed, and verified.